Semi Hits PSP Cruiser on a Traffic Stop
By Mifflintown Hose Co No1
May 29, 2024

0806 - Box 2-08
Units were sent to Fermanagh Twp, Rt 322 E just east of Mifflintown Exit, for an MVA with injury. Box 2-08. Rescue 2 marked out with 3, Capt 2 to the scene. JCCC advised a tractor trailer hit a PSP car. Units arrived, confirmed 1 T/T vs PSP SUV, 1 minor injury. Crews set up a one lane traffic pattern until wrecker services arrived. Roadway was cleaned of debris. 1 Trooper was transported for minor injury/cuts.

Prayers to our Brother in Blue, thankful it wasn't any worse.

When you approach any emergency service or working personnel on the highway (Police, Fire, EMS, Towing Services, PennDOT, Construction Workers, etc) MOVE OVER and SLOW DOWN!!

Command: Captain 2
Personnel: 8

Units: Rescue 2, Engine 2, Amb 205-3